TU. for a barbecue
TU. for a barbecue

Starting from Friday to Sunday we invite you to the TU. garden for live cooking and a feast straight from the wood-fired grill.


small TU.

75 PLN
beef tenderloin tataki/soy sauce/sesame/ginger/coriander
79 PLN

big TU. straight from the grill

lamb kofta/tzatziki/coriander
59 PLN
39 PLN
sea bream/lemon/herbs/butter
100 g/25 PLN
tomahawk steak/parsley remoulade
100 g/40 PLN
black pudding/mustard/onion/sauerkraut
35 PLN

as for sides, go TU.

grilled vegetables/onion/pepper/zucchini/herbs
15 PLN
grilled asparagus
28 PLN
grilled tomato with pesto
28 PLN
grilled potatoes/butter/garlic
12 PLN


10 PLN
10 PLN
mustard mayo
10 PLN
shiracha mayo
10 PLN
chimi churi
10 PLN
parsley remoulade
10 PLN
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